Supercharge your small business with Dolla

Experience a world class business banking experience without switching banks. Get access to the most advanced fraud & scam protection, payment automation and spending insights all from our secure mobile app.

Send & request money with ease

Securely send & request money between friends without having to remember or copy & paste anyones bank account number.

SMS scam detection built in

When you enable our AI powered iOS message extension, Dolla can detect & filter out all those pesky SMS messages that are constantly trying to trick you out of your money.

Not just for bank accounts

You can also link your investment accounts like Sharesies, Milford & Hatch alongside your favourite Kiwisaver provider like Simplicity in order to see your entire financial life neatly organised in one place.

Automate your finances

Use our custom triggers to put your cash on autopilot whether you're saving for a goal or wanting to free up valuable time in your small business back office.

Get access to your very own <you> email address which will turn any invoice or bill into a verified & trusted payment with a single tap.

Open banking in action

We use New Zealand's open banking pioneer Akahu to securely link your bank account information to Dolla.

Tens of thousands of Kiwis trust Akahu to connect their financial accounts to accredited third party apps like Dolla.

Akahu is a New Zealand company & boasts Westpac as a major investor. You can learn more about Akahu via their website,