Pay with Dolla. Fast, easy, secure & free.

Give your regular old bank account payment superpowers with Dolla.

Pay friends

With Dolla, you can send & request money with your friends.

Simple & social

Just search for your friends on Dolla. No annoying bank account numbers to remember or input.

Split payments & expenses

Setup groups & make it super easy for everyone to pay their fair share.

Bring your bank accounts with you

There's no need to setup any new bank accounts or wallets. Just use what you already have.

Pay bills

Pay your bills right from Dolla.

Powered by Akahu

New Zealand's open finance platform.

Akahu makes it simple to connect your financial accounts to trusted products like Dolla.

You're in control.

You can review & revoke your connected accounts at any time by visiting with your email address to login.